Who Is Ron Klain, Joe’s Chief of Staff


Joe Biden’s pick for White House chief of staff Ron Klain lobbied on behalf of a trade coalition in the 2000s that sought to limit payouts in asbestos-related lawsuits.

Ron Klain also lobbied on regulatory issues for home lender Fannie Mae, which paid $400 million in fines due to its accounting practices and excessive bonuses to executives. He sought to limit payouts.

Klain worked as a lobbyist nearly two decades ago and it’s left off his resume. That might be over his work for major corporations and trade groups supported by big business.

As a lobbyist at the firm O’Melveny & Myers, Klain represented a trade group backed by a New Jersey roofing company that sought to limit payouts in asbestos lawsuits.

He was also part of a lobbying team that represented Fannie Mae while it faced a series of accounting and regulatory scandals.

His progressive pedigree is tainted, but, still, he has the endorsement of socialist Elizabeth Warren. He is now Woke, but he is also a hypocrite.


In 2014, Ron Klain, Joe Biden’s new chief of staff, told everyone on Twitter that the elections are rigged. He is a long-time aide to senile Joe.

The article linked to the tweet said that Americans were right to suspect elections were “rigged” — because of what was legal. They were referring to gerrymandering. That certainly could apply to mail-in voting.

It only matters though if it affects his side politically.

Do you know that not one advanced nation allows mail-in voting because it is too easily susceptible to fraud?



He also told everyone to go to Chinatown on February 28th. He is hypocritical when he attacks President Trump who is still our president, by the way.

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