James Woods Kicks off with the Real Result of Trump’s Historic Trial


Mr. Woods notes that the absurd Trump trial is historic in its 248-year history, and explains why. It’s not what the Left thinks.

“Here’s the real result of this absurd show trial worthy of Stalin that embarrassed America in the eyes of the world: Republicans can now rally around a “convicted criminal” devoted to neither political party, but rather to a nation he loves deeply, or they can submissively crawl back to some weak, limp RINO candidate the Democrats approve of and can beat handily in yet another rigged election. Short version: America is left with two choices: a one-party system of corrupt socialist thugs or an all out revolution in our political structure.”

[The progressive Republicans might plan to switch candidates. If they do it, they should be drummed out of office.]

Here’s real corruption and a real crime, not one created out of whole cloth past the statute of limitations. James Woods shared this via Maze:

Joe Biden was asked what he thought about the following quote: “Donald Trump refers to himself as a political prisoner and blames you directly. What’s your response to that, sir?” Watch what he does:

It’s dangerous for anyone to say the election was “rigged.” [Except when they do it.]

Try to laugh now. Trump is taking it well, and so should. we

Update: James Woods made a slight correction and we added it.

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