James Woods Mercilessly Pummels Stormy and Kathy Griffin in One Tweet


Stormy Daniels is heading for the border to help the children. What could be more comforting to trafficked children than a woman who sells her body?

She tweeted that she is “headed down in a week. Don’t worry. Just figuring out my best course of action to maximize my resources.”

Oh, we are not worried Stormy. There could never be enough floozies at the border.

Stormy, aka Stephanie Clifford, is suing the President and gets some of her money for the lawsuit from far-left crowdsource funders.

Tolerant, civil Democrats say Stormy is more of a lady than Melania could ever be. Stormy has an EZPass strapped to her back and Melania is always elegant and ladylike. What world do they live in? Is this what Americans want?

Kathy Griffin is right there supporting the tramp, along with most Democrats on the Twitter sewer.

James Woods pummeled the two of them with one truth bomb.

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