James Woods’ perfect response on leaving service dogs behind to die


We made note of the service dogs and cats in Kabul that Biden and his team of monsters left behind in an article yesterday. However, it deserves more attention than we gave it because of its symbolism.

A woman was left behind. She worked for animal rescue and wouldn’t leave her puppy. They couldn’t or wouldn’t take her and one puppy. The US wouldn’t allow it.

James Woods has the perfect response to the US criminal leadership.

Conservative firebrand James Woods said, “This gives you a sense of “petty cruelty and venal heartlessness of this wretched administration…I loathe Joe Biden.”

Charlotte Jones wouldn’t leave her puppy behind.

UK Justice Forum reported that the US would not let them rescue over 200 dogs. They demanded the animals be released. Charlotte Maxwell Jones would not let go of a rescue puppy so she was also left in the city to fend for herself.

They left her behind rather than take the one puppy. The puppy wasn’t replacing a person.

These animals were loyal service members and there were several attempts to save them. Taliban consider them unclean and will torture and kill them or let them starve.

The animals, so loved by the soldiers, gave comfort to them as they fought through abject misery. Biden’s reward was to leave them behind.

A man with his own plane wanted to fly them out and the answer was no. They could have easily gone out in the holds of planes, but the senior leadership wouldn’t do it.

The Brits took their dogs. Former Royal Marine Pen Farthing escaped Kabul with 200 cats and dogs but was forced to leave his Afghan staff behind.

India brought their dogs back:


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