James Woods reposts Michelle Obama video with riots raging behind her


Earlier today, actor James Woods tweeted this clip, and the account that tweeted it was suspended. The account is now back but probably because a famous actor is involved.

No one is allowed to insult Michelle even when she’s lying through her gritted teeth.




  1. Uncanny. I was just thinking that someone with video editing skills should make one of former flotus of the steezy doing a voiceover with riots, polar bear hunting, utopian nirvana scenes from CHAZ.
    Maybe show some wrappers making it rain with money while prattling on about how African-Americans are cowering in fear in evil wayciss America.

  2. Makes me wonder if James Woods has discovered how to use the “Deep Fake” software, because I just can’t see the Democrats being “stupid enough” to release this, BUT I could be wrong, as they are desperate to win, because they know that if Trump wins, then a lot of them are going to prison.

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