James Woods Slams ‘Whiney Dems’ as Mueller Conclusions Are About to Air


Update: The summary of the Mueller Report will not come today, according to The Hill.

This afternoon, possibly between 3 and 5 p.m. EST today, Attorney General William Barr plans to release the Mueller report’s ‘top-line’ conclusions. He won’t “parse’ words, play games,” a source told Fox News.

It will take some time to provide additional details because of the classified information in the document.

“The Attorney General wants to get this out tonight,” the source said. “It will hit what is on everyone’s minds — no parsing of words, no games.”

A second source came up with the 3-5 p.m. time.


James Woods has been on a Twitter spree, slamming the “whining loser liberals,” especially those in the corrupt media. No one does it quite like James.

These are just a few of them. Enjoy! He says Mueller just gave Trump the 2020 election. Hope so!


The Democrats and leftist groups are insisting that every part of the Mueller report be released. One leftist group has already filed a lawsuit. Who knows what’s in it. It’s hard to trust Robert Mueller.

This report was tainted from the beginning and the hyperbolic never Trumpers in the media and elsewhere drummed it up with no evidence while claiming there was evidence, citing the President’s tweets and careless comments during one interview.

Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein have several serious conflicts of interest and should have never been in charge of the report. This probe, based on no evidence, went on for nearly three years between Comey and Mueller.

The President was deprived of all due process since it was a counterintelligence operation, and he won’t be allowed to see the report before the public sees it.

Mueller hired a team of angry Democrats and never Trumpers to investigate the President. That is rather suspicious and does make one think this was a coup attempt.

There is no way Mueller was an appropriate appointment. It was a concession to Democrats.

Hopefully, it isn’t too negative. If Mueller goes by the policies and procedures of the Department, he won’t vilify anyone who is not charged.

People have to be held to account for this. It must never again happen to another President. It’s Banana Republic-style law enforcement. The left politicized and weaponized every agency on a mission to destroy Donald Trump and his family.

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