James Woods & Travis Tritt team up to irritate the leftist trolls


Actor James Woods, a conservative stalwart, tweeted a suggestion that people type in the word ‘resist’ on the twitter search bar and then start blocking them all so they are left talking to each other in an empty echo chamber.


The left was infuriated and started to hammer him with thousands of tweets trolling him — as if he cares. He trended all day.

The trolls of the left kept reporting his tweet which does not violate any of Twitter’s many, many rules.

Travis Tritt jumped in to support Woods and now he’s trending too, and he too doesn’t care what they think:

None of us care what you lefties think. They’ve lost all credibility.

The leftists didn’t try to amuse or say anything creative, they just get nasty:



        • They have, “evidence,” same as Russia collusion, PURE BULL CRAP. However take note, ANY group of people that is quite willing to FORGE DOCUMENTS perpetrating a fraud on the FISA court, enlist foreign operatives to violate constitutional law creating a COUP against a duly elected president … there IS NO lie they will not flaunt in their pursuit of absolute power.
          And that is what it really is about, the DemLeft BLOOD LUST for absolute power.
          A few years ago, Democrats/MSM were literally COURTING WWIII with Russia. Shortly there after, were PRAYING NoKo would nuke Guam or Hawaii. And now, while the DemLeft’s Marxist foot soldiers are out burning cities down in their “peaceful protests,” once again they demonstrate their strict embracing of Alinsky’s command, “BY ANY MEANS,” ANY/ALL collateral damages are acceptable..
          NO president has done more, given greater support for our military. CERTAINLY not Obama/Biden. It was their New Rules of Engagement which EXPOONENTIALLY INCREASED our numbers of dead and wounded with their New Rules of Engagement. It was O’Biden who fomented and SUPPORTED ISIS, it was THEY who, by the time they left office, our military was so depleted, soldiers in the battle field were literally running out of ammo. And, of course, it was the O’Biden regime that FORBID our military even SPEAK the words, “Radical Islam.”
          Oh, there ARE traitors to America … for sure there are. And those traitors fall under the letters of the DNC and their Marxist band of brothers screaming their HATE of America.

  1. James Woods Plan is Brilliant as well as diabolically amusing. I love the idea. For my friends that may be unaware of this priceless jewel I’m sharing it with all those on my email contact list. I don’t use Farce Book or Twitter. But, for those Conservatives that do have a Blast, blasting those cranial anal Pavlovian salivating mongrel Marxists fecal filled minds

    • I do use twitter but not to engage in the mindless crap DemLeft trolls are there for. It is a rich source of in learning all which is transpiring around the country, all which the MSM does NOT want us to know.
      While I rarely engage any of their trolls, I have long made a habit of blocking every one of them I encounter for the same reason Mr Woods suggests. Let them have their echo chamber, feed into each other’s delusions.
      And of course the left will have their little hissy fits. Apparently, the believe it is only THEY who can engage in the cancel culture, are beside themselves that this can easily work both ways.
      Take, for instance, Montauk Brewery and their “whole hearted,” embracing of BLM. Our Suffolk people do not take kindly to business supporting Marxist orgs calling for the death of our police.
      They TRIED to correct their terrible error in judgement by claiming they support our police. Of course, that rings hollow as they donate a portion of their profiets to a self proclaimed Marxist group out chanting, “What do we want – ‘Dead Cops’- Wnen do we want it – ‘NOW” or, “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon.”
      Good Luck with your next quarter bottom line, Montauk Brewery.

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