Janet Yellen’s Sorry for Claiming There’s a “Small Risk of Inflation”


Our Treasury Secretary is sorry about her bad predictions on inflation, but she also wants you to believe – no one could have predicted this. It’s not as if they want capitalism to collapse so they can institute stakeholder capitalism, is it?

Janet Yellen said a year ago there’s a “small risk of inflation” and it’s “manageable” but she was “watching it very carefully.” After blaming surprising events for her bad prediction, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admits she was wrong on inflation.

“Well, look, I think I was wrong then about the path inflation would take. As I mentioned there have been unanticipated and large shocks to the economy…blah, blah, blah”. She’s sorry but it’s not really her fault.


So when are they going to fire the crotchety commie? They won’t. Perhaps because she is doing what they want?

We are facing a world economic collapse, but she did say she was sorry.

We all know that spending ungodly sums of money, flooding a market with too few goods thanks to the supply chain crisis, causes inflation. And too, we all know that crushing our most precious commodity – energy – will lob crushing blows on the economy.

Somehow she didn’t know. Yellen’s an economist, knowledgeable in global economies, therefore, this confuses the Sentinel.

So, was she out of touch or is this part of the plan to destroy capitalism? It’s clear Joe Biden and his comrades want to enmesh themselves in the globalist movement to destroy traditional capitalism and move to stakeholder capitalism. Stakeholder capitalism gives the elites the hold on the stakes and the rest of us get the stakes.

They don’t hide it any longer. They want capitalism to collapse worldwide. That’s why we hear about ESG and stakeholder capitalism.

As for Yellen, she said she’s sorry.


In October, she told Jake Tapper of CNN that by now inflation would be in the 2% range.

Tapper asked Yellen, “When do you expect inflation to get back to the 2% range, which is considered normal?”

“I expect that to happen next year,” Yellen replied with no evidence at all. Why did she expect that, especially with the horrible Biden regime policies?

Janet Yellen, who said in February that inflation was not a problem, said in July that we face ‘rapid inflation’ for several months.

She predicted the prices would come down.

The Biden policies of spend and tax astronomically belied her notion.

“We will have several more months of rapid inflation,” Yellen told CNBC. “So I’m not saying that this is a one-month phenomenon.”

“But I think over the medium term, we’ll see inflation decline back toward normal levels,” she said. “But, of course, we have to keep a careful eye on it.”

In 2014, Yellen pushed wild bailouts…spend, spend, spend. She shrunk economic growth then too.


Yellen also stuck up of the path they are taking and sees the Feds taking steps. to reduce inflation. Later, her office blamed Russia and China as if they are innocent bystanders in all of this.

Biden “believes strongly and is supportive of the independence of the Fed to take the steps that are necessary” to reduce inflation, Yellen said, adding that unemployment was also nearly as low as it has ever been since World War Two.

A Treasury spokesperson said later: “The Secretary was pointing out that there have been shocks to the economy that have exacerbated inflationary pressures which couldn’t have been foreseen 18 months ago, including Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine, multiple successive variants of COVID, and lockdowns in China.”

Maybe she’s so caught up in ideology, she can’t see the pigs from the horses.


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