January 6 narrative of an armed insurrection by traitors collapses


The public was told the January 6th riot was an insurrection of seditionists. However, no one was charged with sedition or anything close to it. And no one came with guns.

The storyline was that the Capitol riot was by treasonous conspirators trying to overturn our government. That’s never been the case, and it’s just now falling apart.

Attorney General Merrick Garland called the prosecutions his top early priority, describing the storming of Congress as “a heinous attack that sought to disrupt a cornerstone of our democracy, the peaceful transfer of power to a newly elected government.”

An article in Politico pointed out that these allegations of terror and sedition were not legitimate and most people will not go to prison.

Politico’s analysis of the Capitol riot-related cases shows that almost a quarter of the more than 230 defendants formally and publicly charged so far face only misdemeanors. Dozens of those arrested are awaiting formal charges, even as new cases are being unsealed nearly every day.


None of this came to the level of an armed insurrection. Even the death of Officer Sicknick was untrue.

The DHS, the DoD, the DNI falsely labeled these protesters as domestic extremists. In Avrill Haines intelligence report, these agencies had a picture of the Capitol and claimed these were violent domestic extremists. That is just not the case.

The media is catching up with the truth. Judges are pushing back on some of the cases that are seriously overcharged.

No one is saying there wasn’t a mob that went out of control, but the hysterical accusations of the riot as a new 9/11 were absurd.

In recent days, judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys have all indicated that they expect few of these “MAGA tourists” to face harsh sentences.

There are two main reasons: Although prosecutors have loaded up their charging documents with language about the existential threat of the insurrection to the republic, the actions of many of the individual rioters often boiled down to trespassing. And judges have wrestled with how aggressively to lump those cases in with those of the more sinister suspects.


Almost 300 people were charged but very few will serve prison time. There were a small number who vandalized, took property, and assaulted an officer, but the overwhelming number were charged initially with misdemeanors.

This harsh process is the punishment. This level of response never affects Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

However, there is one serious concern. An enhancement charge of obstruction of an official procedure has been added to the misdemeanor charges against 130 people. It makes a misdemeanor into a felony charge. It will put a chill on the right to protest under the 1st Amendment if prosecutors can get away with that. People protest all the time when officials are meeting. That is the best time to protest.

Adding that charge criminalizes political dissent.

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