Jared’s Back, This Time He’s Lying About Inflation


Jared Bernstein, who admittedly knows nothing about the economy while serving as Biden’s top economic advisor, is back. Surprisingly, acting like a reporter, Neil Cavuto grilled him on Biden’s never-ending lie claiming inflation was 9% when he took office.

Jared never disappoints. He evaded, lied, and refused to answer after Cavuto tried five times to get him to tell him why Biden kept telling the same lie.

Jared knows nothing about economics. He’s just a woke employee pushing DEI into the government agencies.

He has no experience in the private sector and isn’t an economist. His B.A. is in music, majoring in bass, and his Master’s is in Social Work. He has a Ph.D. in social welfare.

It was only earlier this month when he admitted he didn’t understand economics.

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