Jarrett thinks the news of a fake dossier, corrupt FBI is old news


Former senior adviser to then-president Obama, Valerie Jarret wants the FBI spying case to go away since it took place four years ago. The spying on the Trump administration, however, has been ongoing and polls show many Americans, mostly Democrats, still believe President Trump colluded with the Russians.


Jarrett wants us to pretend it’s old news and stop talking about it.

Appearing on Fox Business with host Maria Bartiromo, Jarrett tried to absolve the FBI investigators who looked into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

That probe went on for two full years of the President’s administration and it was a hoax. Jarrett minimized it in an extreme way.

“Well, Maria, look, I have a high degree of confidence that our of intelligence community, our investigators comported themselves responsibly,” Jarrett said. “Look, Lindsey Graham is the one that encouraged Senator McCain to turn over the dossier in the first place to the FBI.”

McCain was part of the problem, as was his personal animosity for the President.


The DOJ and the Inspector General’s Office found 17 “inaccuracies and omissions” in FISA warrant applications to spy on Page.

The FBI brazenly ignored information from a U.S. government agency that said it had a prior relationship with Page involving contacts with Russian intelligence officers. An FBI agent went so far as to alter an email to make it look like this agency said Page did not work with them.

The FBI knew the dossier was false and still went ahead with spying on Page.

Jarrett then pushed the blame for the dubious investigation onto former FBI Director James Comey but refuses to accept blame for the Obama administration.

“So, I can’t tell you all of the reasons why Comey went forward with his investigation. Maybe this was one piece of a bigger puzzle. But I do know that it’s nearly four years ago and I don’t understand why our focus isn’t on what’s happening right now and today. That’s the investigation I would like to see going on,” Jarrett said.

She’s hoping we all forget about the coup.

The FBI not only knew there was no evidence to justify a probe but they also unmasked and leaked furiously at the behest of the Obama administration.


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