Jason Whitlock calls out the Left like no one else


Jason Whitlock is a strong voice in support of conservatism and black people. He believes black people are being told the Left is defending blacks when it’s not true, it’s an attack on them.

The Left is punching down and eventually, they will come for you. He said unarmed people in the Capitol are not 9/11. All of this is about power. The Left wants to control everyone’s political thought.

As Whitlocks says, Black Lives Matter and Antifa use the tactics of the KKK. They are Marxists who will come to your home and attack you because they disagree with your opinion.

This is dangerous, he says.

It’s not about race, it’s about power.

Watch Mr. Whitlock explain:



  1. “UNITY”………code word for join and agree with our agenda and beliefs or we are coming for you domestic terrorists, insurrectionists, Trump cult members, white supremacists, deplorables !!!!!!!

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