Larry Elder explains Joe Biden’s inspirational story which exceeds Barack’s


One of the reasons people believe the election was stolen is because it made Joe Biden, who can’t draw a crowd of more than twenty people to his events, came out with more votes than Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and everyone who won the presidency. That makes him the most popular president in all of U.S. history.

How believable is that?

Larry Elder does find Joe Biden’s story more inspirational than Barack Obama’s. Listen to this short clip and learn why:

Obviously, he’s joking. This entire election was a joke.

Democrats didn’t care that Joe Biden was too feeble to the campaign. They kept him in his basement and proceeded with great confidence. They knew full well that they could stuff the ballot boxes thanks to last-minute election law changes, ballot harvesting, and corrupt mail-in voting.

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Historic Unity Czar
Historic Unity Czar
2 years ago

His story is an EPIC saga. He was abandoned at a civil rights rally as a baby but luckily the manger floated up on the friendly shores of Mordor on the Potomac…oh wait that was someone else.
In almost fifty years of government everything he has touched turns into a solid gold bar including the patriot act which will new be improvementated in the interest of the people’s collective unity.