JD Vance Briefly Discusses “Slimeball” Karl Rove


J.D. Vance is one of the Trump-supported candidates who won the primary for the US Senate in Ohio in a crowded field and against millions of dollars of ads. Trump’s support drove his candidacy from 3rd to 1st place almost immediately. Mr. Vance comes off as honest and reasonable. When Karl Rove came up during an interview with Tucker, Vance called Rove a “slimeball”. There was no vacillating on that.

“What’s so interesting is that the rap against you was that you were a fraud,” said Tucker on his show. “‘J.D. Vance was skeptical of Trump, now he’s all-in on Trump’s agenda.’ But if you were a fraud, they would’ve sent you money. My impression was they hated you because they suspected you were sincere.”

Vance agreed.

“I think that’s exactly right, Tucker,” Vance responded, who then called Karl Rove a ‘slimeball’.

If you think of some of my biggest enemies in this primary – you know the slimeball Karl Rove, who shipped a lot of American jobs overseas and got rich in the process, and also sent a lot of Americans to die in stupid conflicts. You know, Karl Rove spent a lot of money, he wrote a lot of op-eds criticizing my candidacy, even called my donors after Trump endorsed me, encouraging them to drop my campaign.

So, in a lot of ways the what this revealed is that you have some very corrupt political consultants in the Republican Party who despise their own voters.

Carlson replied, “Yeah. Honesty is the essence I think of what people want.”

Axios’s Swan calls this a rampage. Other than the adjective “slime ball,” what could be characterized as a rampage?

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

There are some very corrupt things going on in the establishment GOP. This is not explained by a philosophical difference between the GOPe and the MAGA conservatives. The GOPe is tied into the elitists/great reset/NWO/globalist left. There is no other way to explain the awful things they have done. They would rather lose to the leftists than have the party win with MAGA conservative policies, which are the party base. If they cannot cooperate with the obvious party base, or work for America, they are an infestation.

Faux News has been an important factor in covering up the way the GOPe operates. Rove is one of their heroes, and he has an awful track record of losing/botching elections.