Jean Chrétien Inadvertently Describes an “Evil Dictator” – Justin Trudeau


The Canadian gentleman speaking in the clip below, Jean Chrétien, could be describing the United States. Canadians are going through the same thing Americans are experiencing in the United States. It’s likely the same throughout Europe and Australia.

The lies told by Trudeau are no different from Joe Biden’s. The movement toward authoritarianism is worldwide, and Maoist China is no small factor, nor are Klaus Schwab and his army of Totalitarians.

Liberalism is dead. The far-left totalitarians replaced it, but they masquerade as “liberal.”

While the craziness appears to have begun overnight, Klaus Schwab, an admirer of the Maoist China approach, has been at work since the 1970s.

Who is Klaus Schwab, son of a Nazi sympathizer, to redesign the world?

Globalists use COVID, Climate Change, Digital IDs, Agenda2021/2030, CBDCs, and vulnerable people like LGBTQIAs and minorities to enslave everyone.

The looney Club of Rome is now part of the Schwab World Economic Forum.  They are the degrowthers.

What Mr. Meadows says in the next clip isn’t even true. There is no evidence the planet can’t sustain more than a billion or nine billion people without a dictatorship. He pulled that out of thin air. He thinks we could have 8 or 9 billion people with a smart dictatorship. That is where these globalists are headed.

Dump these lunatics. Hopefully, it’s not too late. They’re rushing all of it before people catch on.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
6 months ago

We used to think that Stalin, Hitler, Mao and their evilness were things of the past that we would never see again.

But the left has turned into them, and now that they tasted blood ( when they used the covid to test run what it feels to be a dictator) it has wetted their appetite for more.

Now they want us on our knees, kissing their feet, begging for their mercy.

6 months ago

“Just listen to The World Economic Forum alumni, Dennis Meadows, talk about how we need a SMART dictatorship to cull 86% of the population.”

Should they succeed in this objective (and they very well might), count me as being 100% opposed to be among the remaining 14%.