Mass Murderer of Five Lived in Largest ‘Colonia’ in the US


The Mass Killer of Colonia

The illegal alien mass killer and the five murdered people lived in Colonia, Texas. Francisco Oropesa, who murdered five innocent Honduran Nationals, was a follower of the Santa Muerte Death Cult, a Satanic version of a religion followed by drug dealers and murderers. One overriding belief of the distorted religion is that there is no judgment of sins or crimes. The death cult has spread throughout the United States thanks to settlements like Colonia. The murderer and the murdered people lived in the largest “Colonia” in the United States.

Todd Bensman reports:

In Liberty County, and now spreading into neighboring San Jacinto County where the massacre occurred, old-timers have been fleeing a new diversity of violent crime, murder, all-night weapons firing, and cartel drug trafficking that has boomed alongside the population. Indifferent U.S. immigration enforcement agencies leave this area to itself.

“The originals” of Liberty County, Texas — the self-descriptor of lifelong Anglo residents like Jimmy Rollins, who trace their lineage to early settler families — have mostly fled what they regard as ruinous, irredeemable change.

Residents were once country people, farmers, and good people just wanting to live their lives. Most have fled.

The community is named “Colony Ridge.” Upwards of 50,000 mostly Spanish-speaking Latinos, maybe more — nobody knows, really — are living on some 30,000 homestead lots they purchased in recent years.

The boom started about ten years ago. None of it is for the better. It’s a horrible place to live. Keep that in mind as these anonymous people pour into the country, bringing the very people and lifestyles they hoped to escape.

The Colonias Are Out of Control

One original, a real estate developer and councilwoman, Leanne Walker, is trying to contain the expansion. She said, “The amount of gunfire that is out there would blow your mind. I have a video you can listen to on New Year’s Eve. It sounded like Falluja,” Walker recounted, moving on to “The loud Mexican music they play from Thursday night to Sunday. They all put their music on the same f***ing station and turn it up. Our homes at one o’clock in the morning doing this …,” Walker said, using her hand to thump the table like a drum. “And that’s why the originals all left.”

It’s not the only Colonia. There are many in Texas. About 900 of the state’s 2,300 or so colonias are concentrated in the Rio Grande Valley’s Hidalgo County – one of the fastest-growing counties in Texas.

Read the rest of the story and remember that this will be the entire country. It almost is now in many places.

In New York, Mayor Adams is sending illegal aliens upstate and to Long Island, rural areas where people vote Republican.

You won’t like the United States of Colonia.

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