Jeep Moves 1350 Jobs to Mexico to Make Biden’s Electric Cars


Jeep is laying off 1,350 workers at the Illinois Cherokee SUV plant. They say the high cost of switching to electric car production is forcing them to move the factory to Mexico.

The assembly plant in Belvidere, Illinois, is closing in February 2023

The company said the replacement of the Jeep Cherokee SUV, along with other vehicles on a new electrified platform, will be produced in Toluca, Mexico. All this is for cars that can’t do what the elites tell us they can do.

Then, when all these electric vehicles hit the road, the inadequate infrastructure will kick in. Our current infrastructure can’t handle the electric vehicles that could hit the roac by 2030.


The trend toward electric is good, but it won’t change the future of oil, gas, or coal. Trucks, trains, and planes use gas and will not be replaced for decades.

Electric cars are not all that great because electricity isn’t all that great. Most of America’s electricity comes from gas and coal.

You must mine 500,000 pounds of minerals and rocks to make one battery. Most of the mining is polluting other countries that use children to mine.

Electric vehicles emit 10 to 20 tons of carbon dioxide before the car even gets to the driveway.

For the first 60,000 miles of your electric car, it would have emitted more carbon than your gas-powered vehicle.

Electric cars will never go to net zero.

Batteries don’t produce electricity but rather store electricity produced elsewhere. It’s produced by coal, uranium, natural gas, or diesel generators. To say that an electric car gives zero emissions is one more hoax from the 2030 Agenda.

Electric cars don’t cut it; part 2

Batteries don’t store energy efficiently and leak constantly. Oil has about 5,000% more energy in it per pound. It’s a tremendous advantage over batteries in an electric car.

Electric car batteries weigh a thousand pounds. It replaces about 80 pounds of gasoline. You can’t defeat the laws of nature. They will never be what people saw in Iron Man.

To store all the energy you need to go to windmills and solar, you would need a hundred trillion batteries to store the same amount of energy Europe has now for the winter. It would take the world’s factories about 400 years to manufacture that many batteries.

Watch for more;

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