Jen Psaki slips and calls the border crisis a “crisis”


Biden’s press secretary, the ever-irascible Jen Psaki, accidentally called the crisis on the border a ‘crisis.’ The reporter then noted she called it a “crisis,” and asked if that reflects a change in the administration thinking. She said it does not, of course. We all have to pretend there is no crisis so they can continue breaking the law without any accountability.

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Street Rats by Ted Nugent
Street Rats by Ted Nugent
2 years ago

If it isn’t a crisis then why was FEMA called out for some NOLA Brownie Midas touch?

O/T-breaking Uncle Joe celebrates vaccines and sends some to Mexico.
Rand Paul pwns comrade kommissar Fraudci (CCP) as the enemedia agitprop report is on teevee.
Ohhh…Angry Vladdy Rasputin who trembles in fear of the “like a boss” heels Kamal and gropey sniffy Uncle Joe. (not really)
Bwahaha! This soft weak society is so destroyed and it isn’t even funny.
I have to go for a heel and toe and get away from this enemedia horseshit before I lose any more IQ points.