Jen Psaki – we’ll get Americans out when they’re ready to leave


White House spokesperson Jen Psaki continued the same lies we’ve heard all week. She made sure to say some Americans aren’t ready to leave but we’ll get them out when they’re ready. She claims “we will kill terrorists wherever they are,” meanwhile she’s defending the Taliban. Psaki said, there’s no evidence they communicated with ISIS. However, the US doesn’t have any intel and ISIS got past the Taliban.

She boasted of getting people out but they’re mostly anonymous. The administration just wants numbers so they can look good.

Psaki kept repeating her idiotic slogan about “endless wars.” She went on about the White House only having 11 days to prepare but in 48 hours they secured the airport (not true) and evacuated 104,000 people (mostly anonymous people).

Psaki said a day that service members died is not a day for politics in response to a question about Republicans saying Biden should resign. It’s nice of her to tell us what we can say or not during Biden’s catastrophe.

She said she will depend on the Taliban to get people out after the 31st. In other words, they’ll pay off with billions of dollars.

The MSM is very mediocre.


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