Jesse Kelly gives us the only possible explanation for Dems wanting guns


Talk show host Jesse Kelly appears on The First TV and this week, he explained why Democrats are so anti-gun [Even though many own guns].

“…Democrats want to take your guns because Democrats want the freedom to hurt you if you don’t comply.

“There’s no other explanation. There’s not, there’s not one, and this is where we make the mistake on the right, and I’ve made this mistake a thousand times too. I’m sure you have and I’ll even bring up some crime numbers and things later on in a minute so you can have some ammo to shoot down your crazy liberal cousin on Facebook or whatever.

“But you and I all say things like, well what, oh, they shouldn’t want to take guns. The cities where the guns are banned are where all the violent crime is. The guns don’t cause violent crime. We bring up stats and things like that, like I said I’ll give you some here in a minute, but when we do that we’re also missing the point

“They know, they know. They’re well aware that all the violent crime in this country takes place in cities where the guns are banned. They know that. They know there’s never been a mass shooting at a gun show. Well, why not? If the guns are the problem, have you ever been to a gun show?

“I’ve been to a million, there are guns laying around everywhere, everyone’s wearing one, everyone’s selling one, everyone’s buying one. There’s just nothing but guns, you can’t walk two feet without running into one, but there’s never been a mass shooting there. Why? Well because guns are the problem and you know that’s the same thing we’ve talked about a thousand times. But the thing is, that argument doesn’t shoot down anything for Democrats because again, they know they know guns aren’t the problem.

“They think you’re the problem.”



That certainly rings true, especially given the fact that the DoJ has declared a domestic war on half the country.

In a recent discussion about Biden nominee for ATF, David Chipman, Kelly said Chipman is lying about guns, and supports a ban on the AR-15. Chipman falsely claims it’s a particularly lethal weapon. The AR-15 won’t be the end of it as he suggests in the Tucker-Kelly clip below.

Kelly said banning the AR-15 means we get the world David Chipman wants where he can hurt us. He wants the “freedom to hurt you.” Your “fellow Americans want you dead or at least don’t care if you’re dead.” These people think we’re Nazis and they don’t want Nazis to own guns.

It’s “not about reducing violence, well not real violence, none of these people care about mass shootings, they don’t care about inner-city violence…”

“What they care about is they’ve never been able to achieve their final socialist dream in America because half the country owns a lot of firearms. That’s just the truth. That was step one for every other scumbag dictator in history and our Left in this country missed that step.”

“And it’s the only thing separating them from Pol Pot,” Kelly said.


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