Jet Blue lets male ‘stewardesses’ dress like women


The “Woke” and Transgender movements are helping to destroy the country and it just might help to damage Jet Blue.

The airline now allegedly allows male flight attendants to dress up as women.

Jet Blue Airlines, which did announce that they were going to reinvent what it’s like to fly ‘coach,’  appears to have caved to suspected pressure that presumed gay or transgender men have asked to dress like female flight attendants.

Ironically, one of their slogans is ‘Inspiring Humanity.’

Conservative John Cardillo tweeted an image of a male flight attendant wearing a skirt aboard a Jet Blue aircraft.

“Apparently passengers are pissed off, and between this and the BLM nonsense at JFK, pilots are ready for a job action,” stated Cardillo. They should do it!

This is ridiculous.



  1. SO gross it takes them out of the picture for both now and future. Jet Blue flies between here and where my parents live. It’s the most direct flight. It’s also the one that will never ever be used again. Done, and I don’t go backwards- not to NFL, not NBA, not anywhere in my life. Not Jet Blew.

  2. Breaking:

    Five Jet Blue pilots ages 21-60 deceased, VAX status not released.


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