Non-white supremacists beat Asian man & Samaritan in blue Oakland


In the Democrat Hellhole of Oakland, two armed black men attacked an elderly Asian man. Black men in a number of blue cities are regularly assaulting Asians, and the media has tried to pin the crimes on white supremacists.

In this case, Good Samaritan passing by tried to intervene and stop the beating of the older man. In the chilling video below, the Asian man is screaming.

One of the black men moves away from the Asian man to slam the Samaritan to the ground with his pistol, in blue Oakland. It’s lawless.


The robbers fled from the crime scene in a getaway vehicle that was driven by a third suspect.

The Oakland Police Department described the attackers as two individuals black males in their 20’s. Police did not have a description of the getaway driver.

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1 year ago

It will be out of control crime that will have the people in Liberal Blue States and Cities storming the Capitol Building with torches and pitchforks, and maybe a few “illegal” guns that the Blue State Governments weren’t able to find. In the end, Conservatives won’t have to take up arms against the Government, we will inherit it. We won’t have to secede, but if we are smart we will be throwing Blue States, run by the truly insane, out of the Union.

John Vieira
1 year ago


1 year ago

Look at the stones on those police, they identified the criminals!
Some cases might even get solved when you know who to look for.