JFK Is Dead


What happened to you, Democrats? Come back to what was once the party of JFK – liberal, not insane. The foreigners you are bringing in are taking from our children of all races and creeds. They take our education, our healthcare, and, in too many cases, the lives of our people with their crime, terror, and drugs.

A chair reserved for Laken Riley at the Donald Trump rally.

It’s not safe here anymore.

Your offerings are soulless and empty. You have nothing worth giving but child mutilations, poverty, open borders, crime, and misery. You are the road to nowhere, the empty room, the brick wall, a stage without actors, a land without freedom, the storm after the storm, and we don’t want what you’re forcing us to accept – a country with a single rule and no diverse thought.

We are not a land of immigrants but a family with driving principles – a love of liberty, opportunity, and individuality.

Americans can do far more good in the world by caring for so many in our country who need us to care for them. You say you care about Black people, but you take so much from them and bring more trouble to their neighborhoods while shipping the ‘newcomers’ quickly out of places like Martha’s Vineyard.

You want that single-party country to silence those you disagree with. You’ve gone too far. Come back. Have a healthy debate. That’s all I want to say about that. Stop trying to be Xi Jinping.

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