Jill campaigns for husband Joe before an itty bitty crowd


Sleepy Joe has taken a lot of days off this month. The AP disingenuously calls it a “low-key campaign style” but admits it concerns some Democrats. Biden made 12 visits outside of Delaware since August 12 and President Trump made 24 visits to 17 states.

The NY Times dishonestly claims that Slow Joe’s inability to put sentences together is a “stutter.”

Neither Joe nor Kamala Harris are answering many reporters’ questions and when they do, the questions are softball.

Joe mostly stays in his basement and is exhausted easily. His wife Jill tries to do the campaigning. Here she is with one of their teeny crowds:

Jill Biden participated in a Biden ‘car parade’ with Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney outside an early voting place in Virginia. It bombed.

A few cars drove by with Biden-Harris signs taped to the windows. They could have been staff for all we know.

On a happy note, here are black women who support President Trump:

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