Jim Jordan’s Very Concerned About the Weaponization of Government


During an interview with Breitbart News, Jim Jordan decried the weaponization of government, as he has in the past.


“Ten years ago it was the IRS targeting folks,” Jordan told Breitbart News. “Five years ago, it was the FBI going to the secret FISA court, altering documents, taking it to the court to get a warrant to go spy on President Trump’s campaign.”

“Two months ago, it was the department of justice saying we are going to use counter-terrorism measures at the FBI to go after moms and dads who are speaking up at school board meetings,” the congressman continued.

Chilling Speech

Jordan went on to say, “when you try to chill the speech of parents for simply showing up to school board meetings and saying, ‘We don’t want this curriculum, this racist, hate America curriculum taught to our kids,’ that is as wrong as it gets.”

“And then this past week, it was, ‘Oh, we’re going to weaponize the contempt power of Congress’ to try to put a good man — a friend of mine — Mark Meadows, in prison,” Jordan added of the weaponization of government. “It’s all designed to go after President Trump.”


On Fox News, during an interview with Brian Kilmeade on Wednesday, he expressed his “real concerns” about the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. They requested to sit down with him in a letter earlier in the day.

Jordan was asked about the letter by “Fox News Primetime” guest host Brian Kilmeade.

“It looks like the Jan. 6 committee, who didn’t want you on them, on the Jan. 6 committee, might want you in front of them to take questions. What will your reaction be? Will it be the same as Mark Meadows — take a walk — or would you sit down and speak to them?” Kilmeade asked Jordan.

“I mean we just got the letter today, Brian,” Jordan answered, later alleging that the committee had previously altered documents.

“We’re going to review the letter, but I gotta be honest with you. I got real concerns about any committee that will take a document and alter it and present it to the American people, completely misleading the American people like they did last week,” he added.

Adam Schiff and his entourage literally doctored the document and only read half of it, sending a completely wrong impression — deliberately.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Jan. 6 committee sent a letter to Jordan seeking his cooperation in its probe, claiming he likely had communicated with then-President Trump on the day of the riot.

Benny’s a Moron

“We understand that you had at least one and possibly multiple communications with President Trump on January 6th,” Chairman Bennie Thompson wrote in his letter.

“We would like to discuss each such communication with you in detail. And we also wish to inquire about any communications you had on January 5th or 6th with those in the Willard War Room, the Trump legal team, White House personnel or others involved in organizing or planning the actions and strategies for January 6th,” he added.

The committee is also interested in “any discussions involving the possibility of presidential pardons for individuals involved in any aspect of January 6th or the planning for January 6th,” Thompson wrote.


Jordan did acknowledge in an interview with Spectrum News in July that he had spoken with Trump on Jan. 6.

“Yeah, I mean, I spoke with the president last week, I speak with the president all of the time. I spoke with him on Jan. 6. I mean, I talked with President Trump all the time, and that’s … I don’t think that’s unusual,” he said.

He added, “I would expect members of Congress to talk with the president of the United States when they’re trying to get done the things they told the voters in their district to do.”

The J6 committee is on a Beria-style witch hunt looking for a crime even though, constitutionally, they have zero authority to do so. They are lawmakers, not investigators.

Donald Trump let all the Democrat corruption during his term slide, but these people are trying to create crimes to throw Republicans in prison or at least humiliate them so they lose in 2022.

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