New York lost 1 million jobs due to lockdowns without limit by Cuomo


The incompetent leadership in New York cost the lives of tens of thousands of lives and one million jobs. Seniors died in nursing homes, and now the only people who can get any vaccines are black people because the leadership is racist.

New York state lost 1 million jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Thank the extreme and unnecessary lockdowns. The science does not support the need for complete lockdowns that destroy the economy.

One million jobs are equivalent to 10 percent of the state workforce.

New York City lost most of the jobs from pre-pandemic December 2019 to December 2020 — 578,000, the state Labor Department data found.

In other words, one out of eight jobs in the Big Apple — 12 percent — disappeared. That’s the highest job loss rate in the state.

Overall, the U.S. lost 6 percent of all jobs due to the pandemic, which is just half of New York’s losses.

The Big Apple’s foodservice industry was particularly hard hit.

“Restaurants and bars are essential to the social and economic fabric of New York City, and the industry job loss is at a crisis level like we’ve never experienced,” Andrew Rigie, executive director of the NYC Hospitality Alliance, told the Post.

The tourist industry, Broadway, theaters, everything that makes New York what it is was hurt.

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2 years ago

The Governor and the Communist Mayor of NYC do not care that the entire state is going bankrupt. They still get their salaries and they now have Nancy Pelosi and Upchuck Schumer to bail them out with funds from the nation’s treasury…money from TAXPAYERS ACROSS THE NATION.

The Blue Meanie
The Blue Meanie
2 years ago

The nomenklatura apparatchiks didn’t suffer though.
This just in from the CPUSA-let them eat meanwich stinkburgers.
Our Dear Papa Joe will open up some food banks for the comrades.
Five pound blocks of generic synthetic Velveeta and Ramen (hecho en China) noodles for all comrades of the unity collective.
Enjoy a free bag of low THC harmful additive laden pot in every rubber chicken to go with the precious equality.