Joe Biden buys ice cream in a befuddled state, media saves him


It is alarming to have a President of the United States barely cognizant of events, struggling for words and understanding, and only able to handle questions on the most basic, superficial level.

On his trip to an ice cream shop, he was asked about the latest cyber attack, possibly by the Russians.

Biden, whose processing is very slow, tried to answer the question but appeared out of it. He was confused and slurred his words.

Joe dug into his jacket and pulled out a card that he appeared to use for clues as to what he might say.

This is how the media makes him look good:

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Led Through the Minefield
Led Through the Minefield
2 years ago

MC Joe B! The one that we have been waiting for to build the golden Wakanda that will last for 1000 glorious years.
Breaking-Russia and China tremble in fear of faculty lounge fellow travelers as they wargame roasting some carrier groups with missiles that cannot be intercepted.
Just some saber rattling as the CCP/former CCCP let the useless idiots know there won’t be any today Georgia and tomorrow the world.

Mutant Ryeff
Mutant Ryeff
2 years ago

This is a true representative of (D) voters – mindless.