Joe Biden “Can’t Finish Sentences,” But He Has “the Best Hands”


Former ESPN host Sage Steele told left-wing comedian Bill Maher that interviewing President Biden was “the saddest thing” because he was “confused and couldn’t finish his sentences.” He “struggled,” Steele said, and “trailed off on topics.”

So forget about politics. I don’t care. I didn’t vote for him,” Steele told Bill Maher on his Club Ransom podcast Sunday, admitting she thinks “Biden is a terrible president, however, that made me sad.”

The human aspect of witnessing right now, to me, is heartbreaking.

She interviewed Biden in March 2021. It was via satellite. It wasn’t in person, she explained.

“So I had to like BS. I had to chitchat, waiting for us to start rolling.” Staffers kept the lens cover on the camera until the last second.

“So I can hear him, and he goes, “What’s this for, wait, what’s her name?”

“I was going, ‘Oh my God.” Then someone said sports, ESPN and he goes, ‘OK,’ then the president started to tell her about his own non-existent football career, and how great he was. He goes, ‘I have the best hands’. What do you say to that?”

Steele said, “The saddest thing, his voice just trailed off.” He said, ‘I was good,’ and then he went silent.” He goes ‘never mind.’ I thought it was so sad because I realized that he was in the basement during the whole election cycle because even then he couldn’t finish his sentences, he struggled.”

It’s hard not to feel some sympathy, but he’s destroying the country and has no business in this position. What’s with Jill Biden and the rest of the family pushing him?

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