Biden Invented 32 Pathways for Illegals Outside of Congress


We reported about the illegal alien Colonia, Colony Ridge, in Texas. A mass killer worshipping in a demonic religion came from the development of 75,000 people who are mostly illegal aliens. Todd Bensman of The Center for Immigration Studies said that the Colonia is a hotbed of drug cartels.

The Colonia came about after a developer found he could develop and sell the land to illegal aliens. He did it out of greed with no regard for the state or country.

Colony Ridge is so dangerous that federal law enforcement won’t go in. Maybe they should stop pursuing Trump supporters and pursue cartels. Cartels are true domestic terrorists.

Todd Bensman told Judicial Watch that we have a mass immigration crisis within a mass migration crisis that will probably reach 18,000 a day. “We’ve had 12,00 to 14,000” in a day.

We have between five million and seven million illegals here, but that doesn’t count the millions of gotaways.

TB in this country has increased by 20%, which is only one of the many side effects of mass migration of unvetted people. Now we have Mayor Adams in Mexico saying he supports open borders. He just wants more federal money spread around the cities. Adams had previously suggested the illegals be made to remain in Texas, not Mexico, Texas.

“I mean, I’ve done reporting on this,” Bensman said. “I you know the deserts are just, absolutely…riven with immigrants traveling all these trails …all through New Mexico and Arizona and California, getting through.

Bensman continued. “I don’t think people really, I mean that that is what is not reported. People see imagery [of] people from the border crossing the ports of entry or areas near there, and it’s essentially people surrendering themselves saying, ‘hey, me too, I want to get in, and they’re processed, and there’s so many others that get across in between, right?

“There’s another problem, too, that this administration created. What they call in their terminology is lawful pathways, which is to say that they just created, outside of the authority of Congress, multiple other ways that immigrants can be legally, quote, I put that in big air quotes, big giant in bold, you know, typeface, you know, 32 pathways into the country, where they’re handing out entry permits at the border ports. Right at the ports of entry, and they’re also flying them in from foreign airports directly into US airports by the hundreds of thousands and …make sure that our viewers and listeners understand the body administration is allowing persons to enter the country…they’re doing it in a quote UN quote lawful way, whatever that means.

Why isn’t Joe Biden impeached on the basis of him violating immigration laws and ignoring another branch of government with authority over immigration?

There is more information on Colonia in this clip.

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