Joe Biden Even Fails CNN’s Fact-Check as He Gaffed His Way to SC


Joe Biden is on tour doing damage control. First, he waxed nostalgic about his days working with ‘mean’ segregations and spoke proudly of not being called ‘boy,’ then he reversed his 40-year stance on the Hyde Amendment and abortion after a phone call with Alyssa Milano, but now he is in South Carolina lying about abolishing private prisons.

At the convention, Saturday, the ‘I’ll say anything’ candidate called for ending private prisons and mandatory minimum sentences, and for requiring treatment in jail for people suffering from addiction. The crowd roared when he said he would work to decriminalize marijuana and “automatically expunge records for those who have been convicted.”

This is the new soft-on-crime Biden who was once the hard-on-crime Biden, putting “savages” in jail and throwing away the key.

Biden claimed that he had been involved with a bill that ended private prisons during the Obama administration.

“No more mandatory minimums, period. End private prisons — which we did in our bill — period.”

OOPS! That’s not true.


Many on the left have criticized private prisons as being underfunded in order to satisfy the profit motive of the corporations that run them, and they have sought to end the practice. Supporters say the free market does a better job of providing incarceration than the government can.

Whichever side you fall on, Biden lied about ending private prisons in his bill. Even CNN fact-checked that as a lie.

“Biden was not involved in a bill that ended, or would have ended, the use of private prisons,” was the conclusion of a CNN factcheck.

Not only that, but if he was talking about an Obama-era policy to reduce private prisons, it wasn’t even a “bill,” but a memo. He had nothing to do with that either.

Here he is in the video, talking in rapid fashion, regurgitating the far-left mantra, sounding like a wound up Energizer bunny. He is promoting the initiative that kept the Parkland killer out of jail.

By the way, there is no school to prison pipeline. Teachers do their best to keep kids out of prison. They help as much as they can. It isn’t their fault the parents are raising sociopaths.

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4 years ago

There is no worse, more corrupt politician in the world today, than old Joe Biden. If this brain-damaged, dangerous fool ever serves in office again it will be a huge mistake.