Joe Biden Says He Was at Ground Zero on 9/12/01 But He Wasn’t


Joe Biden remembered standing at Ground Zero in Manhattan the day after 9/11. He said it was like “looking into the Gates of Hell.” The only problem is he wasn’t there.

He often puts himself in the middle of his stories.

Biden said:

“We must not succumb to the poisonous politics of difference and division, must never allow ourselves to be pulled apart attending manufactured grievances, we must continue to stand united,” he said. “We all have an obligation, a duty, a responsibility to defend, to preserve, to protect our democracy.”

“Never forget, never forget, we never forget. Each of us, each of those precious lives stolen too soon when evil attacked,” Biden said. Ground zero in New York – I remember standing there the next day, looking at the building, and I felt like I was looking through the gates of hell. It looked so devastating because of the way you – from where you could stand.”

On 9/12/2001, Joe Biden was not at Ground Zero. He was in the Senate voting on a resolution. He was in the Senate throughout the day.


Biden is the first president to not attend a 9/11 ceremony at one of the three sites of the attacks. Instead, he went to Anchorage, Alaska, to address the military. Biden explained that he went there to honor those who volunteered after 9/11.

And they ended up in Alaska in 2023, 22 years later?

KJP explained it this way: @POTUS: Though this military base is located far from Ground Zero, we know that distance did not dull or diminish the pain we felt all across this nation on September 11, 2001.

Former President Donald Trump was at Ground Zero on 9/12/2001. He brought his staff to Ground Zero to help.

Biden Has a Walter Mitty Side

Alana Goodman, a writer at The Washington Examiner, summarized six events Biden used to put himself into as a hero. Her investigative report is an interesting read on this link and includes the details.

She reviewed six incidents, but there are many more. The six she noted:

1. Biden said his helicopter was “forced down” near Osama bin Laden’s lair in Afghanistan

2. Biden said he was a coal miner

3. Biden said he was “shot at” in Iraq

4. Biden said he called Slobodan Milošević a “damn war criminal” to his face

5. Biden said he participated in sit-ins at segregated restaurants and movie theaters

6. Biden said he criticized President George W. Bush during lengthy private meetings in the Oval Office

None of the stories were true.

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