Joe Biden– unions don’t care about your “ace, rage, or gender”


Joe Biden took another lid and is resting today, much as he does most days. So, we thought you might want to see what he’s been up to when he’s not taking a lid.

Unions built the middle class no matter what your ace, rage, or gender, he told one audience of union members.

This was before he falsely claimed at the ABC town hall that the boilermakers’ union endorsed him wholeheartedly. That union was very unhappy about that.

Joe is screaming for support from his union friends:

Joe was in Pennsylvania and scared the workers in the plant when he told them they were thinking of shutting down the plant. The management had to send out a notice right away to explain they weren’t thinking of shutting down.


Biden lied about healthcare and court packing. Filling a court vacancy is not court packing and President Trump never said he’d take away anyone’s healthcare or social security.

Biden sounds weak and frail here.

So there you have it, your next president, one french fry short of a Happy Meal.

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Psalm 91
Psalm 91
3 years ago

Union dues and taxes woke my once apolitical sibling up when he started looking at his tax returns and thought I could have really used that money for the house and groceries for the kids or other bills.
Thanks comrades for causing his awakening.