Joe Biden was on the Judiciary Committee 150 years ago.


No wonder he struggles for words, the man is ancient. Joe Biden said he was the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee 150 years ago. We’re talking the 1870s, come on man, he’s doing great for his age. It’s no joke. I’m not joking. I mean it.

We can circle back to that later.

So, he worked with Ulysses S. Grant? That’s the year the KKK Act was passed. I wonder if Biden was leading that — not the act, the Klan.


Joe Bananas once said he got to the Senate 180 years ago [under Van Buren, Harrison, and Tyler?] and said he was around when the talking filibuster was eliminated in 1917. Wilson was president in 1917.

Biden Bananas is the only living president to hold important positions under these presidents.

He famously needs a teleprompter or earpiece to say much of anything. Biden’s a wind-up doll.

Here he is losing the line:

Here he is reading “end of quote.”

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