Joe Biden’s “Model Citizens” and Ultra Rich Donors


Joe Biden is doing the bidding of some unsavory and powerful people, including his donors. That’s why he goes out in public and says ridiculous things like this about illegal aliens: “These have been model citizens.”

Was the man who beat Laken Riley to death a model citizen? How about his brother? Both are in Tren de Aragua, the worst gang in Venezuela. What about all the foreign gangs in New York City stealing phones, hacking them, and emptying the victim’s bank accounts or foreigners on the streets selling fake documents to collect welfare? How about these people beating police officers and giving us their middle finger?

They are filling up our prisons. Biden will distort reality because he is controlled by anti-American, corrupt people.

Donors Controlling Joe Biden

Biden’s biggest donors are Soros, the Rockefeller Fund, and Pritzker, all of whom have bizarre ideas about what America should become. They are also funding the pro-Hamas/Palestine rallies disrupting our campuses in time for the election.

That is only one issue the leftist billionaires love, but I mention it because it’s not just about Hamas/Palestine. It’s also about communists — the Red-Green axis.

According to Politico, two of the organizers supporting the protests at Columbia University and on other campuses are the Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow. Both are supported by the Tides Foundation, which was seeded by Democratic megadonor George Soros and previously supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It, in turn, supports numerous small nonprofits that work for social change.

The Gates Foundation has cut its grants to the Tides Foundation.

David Rockefeller Jr., who sits on the board of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, has donated nearly $500,000 directly to Jewish Voice for Peace over the past five years. Rockefeller Brothers has separately given grants to the Tides Foundation and the Tides Center, reports Politico. Tides is extremely far-left.

Big Biden donors Susan and Nick Pritzker, heir to the Hyatt Hotel empire, fund pro-Hamas/communist groups.

The Philanthropists Who Transform America

That is just one hardcore left issue. Many other Biden donors are just as bad for America.

Donors are philanthropists who want something more for their money — influence. Many of the ultra-rich are hardcore leftists.

What is another big issue for the hardcore billionaire left? Open borders!

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