Joe Biden’s replacement is being groomed


Don’t doubt for a minute that Democrats [socialists] have a backup plan for the quickly-deteriorating Joe Biden. Don’t doubt me on this.

Democrats have found their new candidate should the miraculously disappearing Joe Biden fall completely apart by November.

This is a stage and we all must play our part.

The stand-in appears to be Andrew Cuomo, also known as ‘America’s Dad,’ who also “will lead the way.” He’s taken over the coronavirus news day and night with his public service messages.

A website — conservative treehouse — posted this Andrew Cuomo video clip that was aired on NBC faux news:

The video is nauseatingly phony and produced for maximum effect. The music, the drama, the photo to the right, are all meant to make you think he’s the new American hero. In reality, he’s a far-left hero who rules New York like a dictator.

Far-left Samantha Bee is promoting him as well:

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