Joe explains how he will unite the country


A reporter asked the platitudinous presidential candidate Joe Biden how he would unite Americans. The former vice president had a tough time coming up with the words at first, delaying his response, and then came up with, we have to “lower the rhetoric based on division, stop appealing to the less healthy side of society.”

Biden then followed up by suggesting President Trump deliberately retweeted a clip with someone in the background saying, ‘white power.’

He also suggested the President didn’t let scientists speak when most believe he let them speak too much. How that is uniting Americans, we can’t say.

The former vice president went off on the mask tangent again — it’s patriotic to wear the mask, he said. We don’t know how that unites either.

Then he claimed the President said be a man and don’t wear the mask. Huh?

Biden also claimed the President always uses “I” and “me.” He must have been confused with Barack.

The presidential hopeful believes he can unite Americans after all of the far-left promises he has made on guns, climate change, healthcare, and free healthcare for all people who come here illegally.

Then Biden ended with that tired phrase, ‘words matter.’

Does that make you feel like uniting with the far-left, which is who the Democrats are now?



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