Joe Heads for Lake Tahoe and Help for Maui Is Still Not on the Way


On Thursday, Joe Biden again refused to comment about the wildfires that devastated Maui. Reporters questioned Biden about his upcoming trip to the state of Hawaii. Biden continued to offer no comment.

A reporter asked, “Can you tell us about your Hawaii trip, Sir?”

“No, not now, I’m going to be leaving and I’ll be there on Monday,” he responded before walking away.

We heard he is going to Lake Tahoe so maybe he meant a week from Monday or on his way to Lake Tahoe.


President Biden had very little to say about the Maui fires. When asked on Sunday, he replied, “No comment,” as he smirked and turned away. Two days later, on Tuesday, after the news of a staggering death toll, he referred to Maui in a speech in Milwaukee as “the one where you see on television all of the time.” He couldn’t remember the name Maui.

Biden promised to send $700 checks to every resident as if that could go very far. Instead, he sent another several hundred million to Ukraine; the week before that, it was over a billion. Every week, it’s hundreds of millions or billions. He’s busy helping Ukraine and himself – to some sun.


Many people on Maui would just as soon not see him there. They’ve received local help but nothing from the federal government. People who applied for assistance were immediately rejected since they didn’t get proof from the insurance company. That’s impossible right now, so they can’t do anything.

The devastation is extreme. Everything that made it an old whaling village is gone. One thousand people are possibly still missing, and 111 are deceased.

People like Jay Avon of Lahaina told the New York Post, “I don’t want him here,” referring to Joe Biden. “He’s just coming to Maui to look good in front of the cameras.”

Peter Friedgen, another Lahaina resident, said it’s a waiting game now for someone to show up – namely, the government insurers. I’ve just been down the beach, waiting for people to get to the town.

Christie Bowman doesn’t want Biden to visit but only to help with the devastation. “We haven’t had federal support,” Bowman said. We had local support, not federal.

Biden is evil.

Biden’s been at the beach soaking up the sun. While all this is going on, he could not care less. Nevertheless, his historic press secretary, Karine Jean Pierre, keeps saying how deeply he cares, as if we are supposed to believe that. She certainly can’t believe that. It’s a PR line, making him into something he’s not.

Biden has spent 40% of his time as president on vacation.

We are running the US like China now, by Alphabet agencies and unelected Marxist advisers in the White House.


Contrast this with the miraculous restoration of Florida due to Governor DeSantis’s leadership. He had everything moving immediately, and one year after Hurricane Ian, Sanibel, Fort Myers, and other islands and towns devastated by the hurricane were built up. The same thing happened under Donald Trump. He even restored the island of Puerto Rico, although you’d never know it due to the lies that came out of the mainstream media.


Climate Change has become an excuse for incompetence. The Governor, Josh Green, is pushing it as the cause to cover up his failures.

The first responders couldn’t get enough water. The water pressure was weak, and some hydrants dried up.

CNN sought comment.

The governor told reporters in a news conference Monday: “One thing that people need to understand, especially from far away, is there’s been a great deal of water conflict on Maui for many years.”

“We have a difficult time on Maui. In other rural areas, getting enough water for houses, for our people, for any response,” Green said.

Uh, so what did you do about that, Josh?


Maui Emergency Management Agency director Herman Andaya, who made the final decision against activating the emergency sirens in Lahaina, Maui, resigned. The sirens were meant to alert residents of imminent tsunamis, wildfires, terrorist attacks, etc.

He claims it wouldn’t have saved lives. People in Maui didn’t know about the fire until black smoke billowed into their doors.

Residents concluded the use of the sirens would’ve saved countless lives. Director Andaya said he had “No regrets” about refusing to activate the sirens.

The incompetence was horrific, and people should resign immediately. Instead, they’ll make excuses and blame the climate.


Joe’s on it, but not until after his restful vacation in Lake Tahoe, California, for six days. It follows his extended vacation in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where he sat as Lahaina burned to the ground, and not one alarm was triggered. Biden said he doesn’t want to go to Hawaii just yet and get in the way.

In the way of what? He hasn’t sent any federal help.


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