Joe Manchin Defends His Tax-Raising Inflation Bill


Joe Manchin wasn’t snookered when he approved the Build Back Better bill, aka The Inflation Reduction Act. He was out on Sunday News shows today defending the thing. He seems to really believe the future phantom $300 billion cut to the deficit over ten years in a nearly $800 billion bill will actually be worth all he is giving up.

Joe Manchin on hi inflation bill

It’s an inflation bill that doubles the number of IRS agents, doubles the tax on coal, spends billions on redoing alleged racist urban cities. It’s a slush fund for climate extremists. You can read the act yourself on this link.

Manchin says the bill will bring back manufacturing jobs. That’s a lie and he knows it. The National Association of Manufacturers says the bill will kill hundreds of thousands of jobs. The “book tax” in the bill will overwhelmingly hit manufacturers.

The provision is estimated to raise $313 billion, and Joint Committee on Taxation finds that manufacturers would be responsible for paying nearly half of it.

The bill’s effects on manufacturing

Including direct, indirect and induced effects, in 2023 alone the impact would include:

  • A real GDP reduction of $68.45 billion
  • 218,108 fewer workers in the overall economy
  • A labor-income decrease of $17.11 billion

China will be thrilled with the bill. More manufacturing to send to them.

Manchin calls it an investment. That’s a euphemism for taxes. Baier brought up data and analysis but Manchin ignored all of it.

“It’s not a Democrat bill,” Manchin said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “It’s not a Republican bill.” Then he lied and said, “It’s definitely not a green bill. This is a red, white and blue bill, and it’s great for America.”

“We’re not spending money, we’re investing,” Manchin said on ABC’s “This Week.”

“We’ve taken a $3.5 trillion aspirational bill that I never could come to an agreement on in any way, shape or form — but I tried, couldn’t get there,” he said. “And we’ve taken $3.5 trillion of spending down to $400 billion of investing without raising any taxes whatsoever.”

It will be touted as a big win for Democrats pre-election and it will garner votes. It – along with the watered down CHIPS bill – will liven up the base.

Manchin is praised as a moderate but he isn’t. He’s fairly far left and almost always gives in to the Democrat viewpoint. He’s done it over and over on everything, including gun control laws. He voted for all of Biden’s far-left judicial nominees.

He assured the hosts that Sinema would vote for this bill. She’s another non-moderate.

On “Fox News Sunday” with Bret Baier, Manchin championed the package’s $369 billion in proposed “investments” for energy-focused climate programs, arguing it would reduce high energy costs that have contributed to recent high inflation.

“You’ve got to produce,” Manchin said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“And if you’re going to produce, you have to be able to have more energy so you can get the gas prices down, have more production and more manufacturing, so you get people working and not having layoffs and things of that sort,” he said. “It’s going to take some investments.”

He also argued the bill’s raising of new revenues — like a 15-percent corporate minimum tax, stronger Internal Revenue Service enforcement of the nation’s tax law and a closure of the carried interest loophole for money managers — did not constitute raising taxes.

“We did not raise taxes,” Manchin said on Fox News. “We’ve closed loopholes. That’s all we did.” He’s claiming they’re spending hundreds of billions of dollars and saving money.

It does raise taxes. Taxed companies will raise prices on the common folk. Manchin knows that. It raises taxes one everyone.


And there is this:

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