New Report on Rashida Tlaib’s Membership in a Pro-Hamas Group


Fox News was able to get into one of Rashida Tlaib’s radical group pages on Facebook. It’s more evidence that she does not belong in Congress. It’s one thing to have these views and quite another to influence America’s laws with these views.

Rashida Tlaib

Rashida Tlaib is on a secret Facebook page of pro-Hamas radicals called the Palestinian American Congress. It’s not surprising since she counts terrorists in her group of friends. We posted a story about this years ago, as did the Daily Caller. However, Fox News breathed new life into it after they found a way into the group.

She has lucrative ties to Abdel-qader, founder of the Palestinian American Congress group known for promoting antisemitic theories. He once shared a video labeling Jews as “satanic” and doubting the Holocaust’s death toll, but later retracted these statements.

Maher Abdel-qader, a significant fundraiser for Tlaib, has donated over $6,500 to her campaigns since 2018 and served as her finance committee chair in 2018. He also supports Rep. Summer Lee.

Maher Abdel-qader

Abdel-qader supported Cori Bush in Texas.

The controversial activist has also campaigned with several other Democrats, including New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, among others.

Fox’s report is timely since it shows that they are Hamas supporters and probably Hamas themselves despite the horrendous terrorism they’ve seen.

The Group

The group is not visible to non-members and not searchable. The Fox report included several troubling comments.

After October 7, on the 12, one member stated, “We don’t want to throw you in the sea…we want you to ride it back from where you came,” alongside an image showing an elderly Israeli woman held by a Hamas fighter.

About American media, one wrote: “Since yesterday I have been attached to the TV watching the news. You, and the people directing you, are the problem, you created it almost 100 years ago, made it official 75 years ago and you have been feeding its flam ever since.”

It continues: “You consider Hamas a terrorist organization and I am not going to argue with you at the same time you have been broadcasting that they have been killing women and children, guess that is what terrorists do at the same time no mention to the killing of Palestinian women, children and entire families killed on a daily basses (sic) by the [peace-loving] state of Israel using American gifts of weapons and jet fighters.”

“Yesterday I didn’t see Hamas I saw the grand kids (sic) of the refugees that ethnically cleansed from their homeland attacking the grand kids (sic) of the colonists whom sent them to diaspora,” it says. 

It’s important that Americans know who the players are so they don’t get taken in by the propaganda.

This is the woman who Democrats strongly supported during the censure vote. This is just more proof that when she said, “From the river to the sea,” was not a slight against Israel or Jews, that she was lying.

The Michigan lawmaker has at least ten terrorist-tied friends. Unfortunately, people resembling her, who hate America, are now voting and spreading propaganda. We’re on a potentially irreversible path to become the Hellhole they left. In Tlaib’s case, it’s the Hellhole her mother left.

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