Speaker keeps $15 an hour minimum wage in $1.9T bailout/pork bill


Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough rejected the $15 an hour minimum wage clause put into the $1.9 trillion ‘relief’ package. Speaker Pelosi will ignore her and keep it in the bill and said Democrats will vote for it.

MacDonough, the nonpartisan arbiter of Senate rules, issued guidance saying she didn’t believe the change complied with guidelines of reconciliation, the fast-track process that Dems are using to pass the bill.

Senate Budget Committee Chair Bernie Sanders, who previously said he was optimistic that MacDonough would back the provision, slammed the finding on Thursday night.

Allegedly, Speaker Pelosi won’t remove the wage increase from the bill. We will see how that goes.

“I strongly disagree with tonight’s decision by the Senate Parliamentarian,” the Vermont lawmaker said in a statement.

“The fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour continues,” he added.


There is hardly anyone more economically challenged than Bernie Sanders. It’s unfortunate so many people are unaware of that. Perhaps he means well, but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about because he’s governed by communist ideology. It all sounds good until you try to enact it. The $15.00 an hour wage doesn’t even take place in 2021. It happens over a period of years so it no way is part of a COV relief. It will cost jobs and it is a one-size-fits-all approach. Big government cannot tell every state to do the same thing and be successful. There are too many differences and that’s just the reality.

This exclusion means that Kristen Sinema and Joe Manchin will vote for the bill. Allegedly, inclusion means they won’t. Pelosi will beat them into submission no doubt.

Progressives, the hard-left, who have most of the control of the government, want Democrats to ignore MacDonough and Pelosi is doing exactly that.

That is where it stands right now.

Republicans are happy with the decision, but unfortunately, it means nothing.

The artificial stimulus will bring our national debt to over $30 trillion and Dem commies have only just begun. Another stimulus or COV relief, whatever you want to call it, will follow for four trillion-plus. It will include a lot more of their socialist wish list.

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