Joe’s Unscheduled Speech Will Warn of the GOP Threat to Democracy as He Threatens Democracy


Biden, who has dementia, will give an unscheduled speech at Union Station this evening. The topic…drum roll, please… is the Republican threat to democracy as his administration collapses our constitution, our borders, female gender, justice system, and economy.

It’s the curtain call on the election to save America, only the threats come from his administration, not magas.

We got a laugh of what Joe Rogan said.

Yeah, man. Hand me that axe. No more communism, baby. Choose freedom!

Biden will reportedly address “election deniers and those who seek to undermine faith in voting and democracy.

Is he talking about Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, Al Gore, who?

Will it be another speech in Hellscape lighting with Marines standing ominously in the background as Biden speaks of doomsday?

Biden’s speech in Hellscape

As the presidential seal glows eerily, will he declare 74 million Americans to be terrorists and frightening insurrectionists called “Ultra Maga Republicans”?

He’s abusing his office to dehumanize half the country because he’s corrupt and now has dementia.

Biden doesn’t want us to undermine faith in voting after states changed voting laws at the last minute to favor Joe, and as Zuckerbucks and Sorosbucks poured into the Left. Even as social media swayed public opinion, we must keep the faith. As mail-in votes and ballot harvesting swung elections in a bizarre manner, defying all normal predictive measures, we must not question the election. The machines, of course, are perfectly reliable, especially now that we know Konnech kept voter information in China for safekeeping.

You heard it here – it was the most secure election ever! Ever, I say!

We will undoubtedly hear how the illegal alien nudist with severe mental illness who lived a hippie life for decades is a scheming ultra-maga who tried to kill Mr. Pelosi for political expediency.

By the way, the homeless were cleared out of Union Station for this historic event. If Biden fools anyone – any one –  it would be a shock. If anything, he will help Republicans.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
7 months ago

Biden threw in jail a (*)woman basically because she found proof of voting fraud.

Biden did not throw in jail the ones who committed the voting fraud, but the one who has proof of it.

If the USA is less of a democracy everyday it is because of those tyrannical things the Biden administration does.

Democracy and the democrat party are moving in opposite directions…

The democrat party is authoritarian, tyrannical and is moving towards a dictatorship type of government.

(*) Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
7 months ago

Here’s hoping for the whole crazy Joe!

7 months ago

America First Patriots are a threat to Democracy! They should be. America is a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy. History has shown us that Democracy is a failed form of Tyrannical Government. Communist Democrats are infuriated that Americans want their Constitutional Republic back. That means a Small Federal Government limited to only the powers enumerated in the Constitution and watched over by an Originalist Supreme Court that is guided by the Letter and Spirit of the Founding Fathers to keep the Federal Government in it’s place and on a very tight leash!