Jogger who ran with a face mask suffered a burst lung


The Sun reports a man suffered a burst lung after running for miles wearing a face mask to protect against coronavirus.

The jogger, from China, was rushed to hospital after his lung collapsed following a 2.5-mile run in Wuhan while wearing a face covering, forcing him to undergo major surgery after developing the potentially life-threatening condition.

Doctors now urge people not to wear face masks while running, as covering the mouth and nose can impede breathing.

The UK Government this week advised that face masks should be used when on public transport or in shops where the remaining two metres from others is difficult.

However, their guidance says: “They do not need to be worn outdoors while exercising…or those who may have problems breathing while wearing a face covering.”

So, the NBC/MSNBC doctor telling us to wear masks all the time in public is looking rather foolish in addition to being fascistic.

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