John Fetterman’s Condition Is Worse Than Thought, But His Aide Says He’s Up to the Job


John Fetterman, who has had little time to recover from his near-fatal stroke, might never recover more than he has. He also has a history of depression and checked himself into Walter Reed to deal with his clinical depression. He is in a challenging position, and his condition is worse than anyone expected. It even surprised Mr. Fetterman himself.

Anyone would be depressed, but he also has a history of depression, worsening his prognosis.

An aide said that after his extended hospital stay, the depression and post-stroke condition won’t compromise his ability to do the job going forward.

Reporter Dasha Burns is the NBC reporter who reported about John Fetterman’s poor condition before the election. She was then subjected to outrageous cancel culture abuse.

A senior aide told Ms. Burns that, at times, he couldn’t tell if Mr. Fetterman was not hearing him or was crippled by depression and social anxiety.

Democrats pushed him to campaign, knowing the strain it would put on him. It’s unconscionable, but these are the same people who think it is okay having Joe Biden in the Oval office. Biden’s busy destroying the world and thinks he’s doing a great job.

Mr. Fetterman would likely be better off resigning. He’s wealthy and doesn’t need the job. His wife should try to get him to give it up. He could spend time with his children and recover.

Fetterman was also dishonest about his health when he ran for office. Democrats, his wife, and his campaign all lied. He lied.

It’s hard to see how this gets better for him while serving in that position. He’s only been in the office briefly, and it’s a six-year term.

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