John Kerry gets owned by the CCP in his endless pursuit of the bad deal


John Kerry achieved nothing with his first big meeting with counterpart Xie Zhenhua in his first trip to China. Fortunately and oddly, Kerry gave up nothing but neither did China. They also made a fool of him, driving him around in a bus, unescorted by officials. He got to sit in the back.

It was another deal in which Kerry will pretend he won concessions with the CCP and they will continue to say they are doing nothing while demanding we cut emissions.


Krry went over to China to not talk about Taiwan, Hong Kong, Uyghurs, the South China Sea, North Korea, or intellectual property theft, none of those things. Kerry went to talk about the climate when China has made it clear Xi is not interested and will continue to build coal plants.

Reuters reported, “China now has 247 GW of coal power under development, enough to supply the whole of Germany.”

The prior deal has China agreeing to do something in 2030 and that’s what one might call a garbage deal. That fraudulent deal will continue.


The message Kerry sends by making climate the only important issue in his trip to China is that we are fools and this exaggerated climate nonsense is all we care about.

China loves the Paris Accord because it seriously harms Western economies. It also made Kerry Xi’s stooge as they used it for propaganda and to insult us.

“China welcomes the U.S. return to the Paris agreement and expects the U.S. side to uphold the agreement,” vice-premier Han Zheng told Mr. Kerry in a jab at Washington’s withdrawal from the pact under President Trump. Mr. Kerry also flattered Beijing by all but begging President Xi Jinping to join another global climate confab later this week, the Wall Street Journal noted, the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board notes.

His lips must be sore from kissing all those feet.

At the same time, Kerry sounds like he’s blessing China’s green industrial-policy ambitions by including in the joint statement a pledge to pursue “policies, measures, and technologies to decarbonize industry and power.” For China, that means more industrial than green policy, the WSJ continues.

This is not a joke. This is what Kerry got out of his trip.


In the years since the Trump Administration withdrew from that pact in 2017, American carbon emissions have kept falling and in 2019 hit their lowest level since 1992, and their lowest per capita since 1950, thanks in large part to the revolution in shale drilling for natural gas.

China saw its emissions rise in the same period, and its commitment under Paris to reduce emissions doesn’t even begin until 2030. And don’t count on anything happening then either.


The elitist John Kerry is a nobody to the CCP. And they made that clear while he was in China. They took him around in a bus and he got to sit in the back. No officials greeted him.

They didn’t bother to have any officials to fawn over him.

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