John Kerry Says Plan to Spend Billions on Climate Change Won’t Cut It


A Climate Depot report indicates that John Kerry said billions of dollars won’t cut it for climate change.

John Kerry told UN COP 26 that the United Nations can count on the $100 billion in funding they’ve been begging for and a whole lot more.

Kerry, who serves as President Biden’s “climate envoy,” said that “billions won’t cut it” and that a plan to spend trillions of dollars on “climate finance” will be announced on Wednesday.

Debt? What debt?

As it is, much of the $1.2T bill just passed is climate change.

Climate Depot notes: The bloviating from the podium continues at COP 26 with a concerted attack on methane.  Did you ever shop for a methane stove, furnace, water heater, or BBQ? No?  That’s because you know it better as natural gas, the odorless, invisible, clean-burning fuel with the blue flame found in abundance in the United States.  It is natural gas that allowed America to lead the world in emissions reductions (if that’s your thing).  Team climate started calling it by its chemical name “methane” to scare us with anti-science, chemistry-phobic bias.

“Let me emphasize as strongly as I can: Job not done,” John Kerry, President Biden’s special envoy on climate change, said at a news conference in Glasgow on Friday, The NY Times reports. “We all need to be pressing our ambition going forward. But this is doable if we follow through.”

The first week of the climate summit saw a flurry of new climate pledges. India vowed to reach net-zero emissions by 2070, the first time it has set such a target.

That’s not a joke. 2070? Seriously.

At least 105 countries signed an agreement to slash emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, by 30 percent this decade. Major financial institutions said they would use their resources to fund a shift to clean energy.

Don’t hold your breath. They just want our money.

The UN’s International Energy Agency assumes that dozens of countries, including China, Brazil, Australia, and Saudi Arabia, will all fulfill their promises of reaching net-zero emissions by around midcentury. Many of those nations have still not put in place concrete policies or even detailed plans to cut emissions sharply this decade and stay on track to achieve those goals.

When the US was out of the Paris Accord, the only nation that cut emissions was the United States.

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