WOKE Sesame Street Indoctrinates Little Kids on Vaccination for COV


Sesame Street has gone WOKE and is collaborating with CNN, the government mouthpiece, on indoctrinating children into vaccinations. It’s basically the government doing marketing on behalf of the vaccine manufacturers. It’s propaganda.

“Familiar faces from Sesame Street and experts from CNN and across the country will be ready to answer children’s questions about the Covid-19 vaccine and staying healthy, and coping with big feelings as they continue to face unprecedented challenges in their young lives,” CNN said in a press release about a Sesame Street program.

The press release states, “CNN and Sesame Street have collaborated on six Town Halls for children and families, supporting families in moments of challenge and crisis through the Covid-19 pandemic and racial justice movement.”

In a short clip from the latest special, muppet Rosita tells Elmo that she got the vaccine because “it will help keep me, my friends, my neighbors, my abuela all healthy.”

Five months ago, Sesame Street created a segment about Elmo’s father being vaccinated.

The Leftists are getting us acclimated to indoctrination and control.


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