New Poll Shows 2/3rds of Americans Are Opposed to Making Millionaires Out of Illegals


Trafalgar poll released Monday found that two-thirds of American voters surveyed, including a near-majority of Democrats, either “disapprove” or “strongly disapprove” of reported plans by the Justice Department to pay compensation for “psychological trauma” of illegal aliens who were separated after crossing the border.

Who would have thought it? Making millionaires out of people who broke our laws isn’t popular. When you’re losing Democrats you know you’re in trouble. It doesn’t look like Biden’s poll numbers will go up this week.

Among all voters who participated, the poll found 66.9 percent were against the idea, with 18.7 percent approving and 14.4 percent registering no opinion.

There were 14.4% who had no opinion? Who are these people?

Having 78% of Americans agree on anything is not easy to do.

The Biden Justice Department and the American Civil Liberties Union, which represents the immigrants, are still working on the details and they have every intention of doing it. Biden’s cabal thought it would be a great way to pretend Donald Trump separated parents from children unfairly and destructively.

The ‘families’ were separated because the parents broke the law and were going off to detention. The children were put in a better facility. Some who were separated weren’t with family members or legal guardians.

Biden at first denied the tax dollars would be given to the illegal aliens and then in a subsequent interview he said it was going to happen, snapping at reporter Peter Doocy during his comments defending it. Biden is clueless and isn’t running the government.

Communistas like New York’s Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, think it’s  well-deserved reparations.

Biden’s team is proposing payments of up to $450,000 per child with a limit of a million dollars or more.

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Ted Striker
Ted Striker
2 years ago

The 28 percent who approve of Jo Jo Magoo are all glue sniffers! (sarc)
Freebies for foreigners after deliberately destroying the economy as part of the COV-LARP?
Oh hell NO.