Trump Called Rihanna’s Super Bowl Show “Single Worst Ever”


Donald Trump let loose on Truth Social after Rihanna’s halftime show. As expected, the media blew his comments up, and he’s being ripped for it.

Rihanna once painted “F… Trump” on a Chevy, so she can hopefully take what she dishes out. She was regaled for that.

Rhianna, expecting her second child, performed energetically.

Rep. Jackson didn’t think she should be doing the show, giving her vulgarities and anti-Americanism.

During what used to be a family show, Rihanna sang “Rude Boy” while crotch grabbing as slews of dancers in odd costumes gyrated. If you think the following lyrics to that song shouldn’t appear here, consider that your children are singing them to her songs.

Some of the lyrics from “Rude Boy”

Come here, rude boy, boy, can you get it up?
Come here, rude boy, boy, is you big enough?
Take it, take it (Yeah), baby, baby (Yeah)

Tonight, I’ma give it to ya harder
Tonight, I’ma turn ya body out

I like the way you touch me there
I like the way you pull my hair
Babe, if I don’t feel it, I ain’t faking, no, no (Oh no)
I like when you tell me ‘kiss you there’
I like when you tell me ‘move it there’
So giddy-up, time to get it up
You say you a rude boy, show me what you got now
Come here right now…

Many of her songs promote bad behavior in youth.

Rihanna, who is from Barbados, has been highly critical of the NFL and is one with Colin Kaepernick in anti-Americanism. She didn’t think much of the NFL, either.

In a 2019 expression of solidarity with former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, she told Vogue she had no interest in the Super Bowl gig.

“I couldn’t dare do that,” she said. “For what? Who gains from that? Not my people. I just couldn’t be a sell out. … There’s things within that organization that I do not agree with at all, and I was not about to go and be of service to them in any way.”

It seems like the NFL has been very good to black players and executives. Rihanna says our institutions are systemically racist.

Her performance received some mixed reviews.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
9 months ago

Compare these lyrics from the 1970s (when songs had normal and beautiful lyrics) to today s vulgar overly sexual lyrics as in Rihana s song

this one is Dinah Washington a back female singer

“… What a difference a day makes
24 little hours

Brought the sun and the flowers
Where there used to be rain

My yesterday was blue, dear
Today I’m a part of you, dear

My lonely nights are through, dear
Since you said you were mine

What a difference a day makes
There’s a rainbow before me

Skies above can’t be stormy
Since that moment of bliss, that thrilling kiss

It’s heaven when you find romance on your menu
What a difference a day made
And the difference is you …”

It is so sad how the black community the black culture is heading straight for the toilet ( for lack of a better expression )

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
9 months ago

Adding filth to a fine wine is what woke anti-white leftards consider ” diversity “

9 months ago

So how many more Super Bowl’s will we have to endure these half-time shows with these sick vulgar no talent people?

9 months ago

I didn’t watch the Superbowl, but I seen some of the highlites afterwards…..her performance was terrible…..who wants to see someone rubbing their private parts then sniffing their hand?

Frank McCarthy
Frank McCarthy
9 months ago
Reply to  bobby

For a certain cultural group this is considered “representing”.

9 months ago

Probably was the worst ever, I wouldn’t know because I have never seen any of them, ever. I have never watched any football game in my life or any game played with a ball.