Johnson says GOP are blocking Comey-Brennan subpoenas, then takes it back


Senator Ron Johnson revealed that Republicans on his committee are blocking subpoenas for Comey and Brennan because they are afraid of the optics.

Politico quoted Johnson. “We had a number of my committee members that were highly concerned about how this looks politically,” the Wisconsin GOP senator told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, who pressed Johnson to identify Republicans standing in the way of a wave of high-profile subpoenas.

Johnson emphasized that he needs the unanimous support of his committee’s eight Republicans to advance any subpoenas — one defection would likely result in a 7-7 deadlock with the committee’s six Democrats. “If I lose one, I lose the vote,” Johnson said.

Johnson wouldn’t give names but look who is on the committee: Mitt Romney, Rob Portman, Rick Scott, James Lankford, Michael Enzi, Paul Ryan, and Josh Hawley. Does anyone think Mitt Romney would allow it? Others on that committee are also question marks. We have a very liberal Senate, and that includes Republicans.

According to Politico reporter Kyle Cheney, Johnson’s committee now says no one is blocking any subpoenas for Comey/Brennan, rather there’s just a desire to exhaust all options to get them to testify voluntarily.

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt responded to Kyle Cheney and blasted Ron Johnson. He called his efforts a “transparent effort to blame his colleagues.” Maybe, but can anyone see Mitt Romney allowing a subpoena, anyone?

“I’ve asked my booking producer to invite Ron Johnson to come back tomorrow as this was not a “misunderstanding” but a transparent effort to blame his colleagues. It would be a service to them to explain to the audience what the real story is..” Hewitt said in a tweet.

If Johnson was telling the truth and backed down, he should save himself and now come out and name names or a name of those who might be blocking subpoenas.

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