Joint Intelligence Bulletin: Terrorism Warning


A joint intelligence bulletin warned of potential terrorism. Their advice is to stay away from large gatherings. One of those upcoming gatherings is eclipse watching. New York could be the target. It will be a total eclipse of the sun in New York on Monday.

If you let millions of unvetted people into the country, you will get terrorists. This is the new normal.

FBI and Homeland Security officials are warning law enforcement of potential terrorism targeting mass gatherings in the United States. The group behind the Moscow Concert Hall massacre is “calling for similar attacks in the United States,” according to a Joint Intelligence Bulletin released by CBS News.

You can’t trust our intelligence people to tell us the truth. We should be under constant terrorism warnings. Terrorists are coming across and have been since 2021.

Homeland Security hasn’t put up an advisory on their website yet, but they are too busy admitting terrorists into the country.


What we really need to worry about if we are to believe the media is the zombie cicada. They’re coming.

THE ZOMBIES ARE HYPERSEXUAL. They have a sexually transmitted fungus.

The 17-year class cicada and the 13-year class have joined forces and come together to ATTACK US for the first time since the 1800s or so!

The real problem is the unsafe border. Thank the Democrats for that. They opened the border for votes, and they don’t care who suffers or dies over it. They want to have all the power all the time.

So, who will get us first? Terrorists or the cicadas?

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